Founded in 1972 as a private industrial company, Pelizzari Srl specialises in the production and processing of general mechanical components, including:

  • Details for presses
  • Columns, tie rods, gears, and pistons
  • Flanges
  • Components used in various sectors: in the steel industry, for hydraulic and oleo-dynamic presses, plastic and die-casting, hot stamping, and food industries.

Pelizzari Srl is also specialised in welding for column repair. Furthermore, we perform bronzealuminium overlays, copper electrode applications for steel mills, and any other overlay using electrode, wire, or TIG.

Since 1998, Pelizzari Srl has implemented a quality management system certified by the TÜV CERT organisation.

With a staff of 35 people, including operators, technicians, and administrative personnel, covering an area of approximately 5000 square meters, and with over 40 years of experience, Pelizzari Srl is a reference point in mechanical construction in the die-casting, plastic moulding, steelmaking, oleo-dynamic sectors, and in the construction and renovation of railway and road infrastructure, manufacturing large tie rods for bridge structures.

Pelizzari Srl establishes partnerships with clients to assess new projects, advising on the ideal manufacturing process solution. The final product quality is guaranteed by our quality control technicians.

Pelizzari Srl has always been attentive to its environmental impact; as a matter of fact, as of 2023, the construction of our photovoltaic plant has been implemented and completed.